What you need to know about work station stretches! 

Here are some simple desk stretches to help you out.

Studies have known that the healthiest people are those who are constantly moving at low impact. We understand, however, how difficult it can be to move throughout the day when working in an office environment.

Besides championing for automated sit-stand workstations and making good active life choices throughout the day (like taking the stairs whenever possible as well as walking or riding a bike to work), here are some simple desk stretches that you can easily integrate into your daily schedule!

Head and Neck:

Do you spend a lot of time on the phone? Time to hone your multitasking skills!

When holding the phone up to your ear, turn your head to the left and keep it there for 2 seconds, feeling your muscles down your neck. Then repeat on the other side. You can also roll your head from side to side, stretching the top of your spine.

You’ve likely tried these before on your own, as these simple stretches can relieve tension. Try to get a little bit more regimented about it by incorporating it into your day. That way it can be as simple as making it a habit to stretch your neck every time you pick up the phone.

Upper Back & Shoulders

The upper back can get pretty stiff throughout the day, especially with less than perfect posture. Many of us are hunched over our keyboards all day, causing a lot of tension in the shoulders.

To loosen up your back and shoulders, start with your arm bent in front of your body and push your elbows back. Repeat several times, and you’ll begin to feel your shoulders relaxing. Then try rolling your shoulders upwards towards your ears and down a few times.

You can also try interlacing your fingers behind your back and straightening your arms. You’ll want to hold this position for a few seconds, repeating multiple times. You’ll start to feel the stretch from your shoulders to your wrists!

Fingers and Hands

Do you type most of the day? Whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, or phone, your fingers get quite the workout every day. To relieve some of that tension, spread your fingers as far apart as they go, and hold them there for as long as you can. You’ll notice immediately how much better your fingers feel. Then, make a tight fist and clench as tightly as you can.

These may seem like small insignificant movements, but stretching increases blood flow through your entire body, including your brain. This will help to greatly reduce your afternoon grogginess, and relieve your stiff muscles. You’ll be surprised how much better your body will feel by the end of the day!