The Problem With Your Sit-Stand Desk

Is your desk doing everything it can for your health?

Sit-stand desks are great and if used correctly will help improve the health of users;

however, as a physical therapist, the problem that my clients experience with this type of technology is that it relies on the user’s compliance for it to be successful and for employers to reap their Return on Investments (ROI).

In the past four years, I have researched and analyzed the problems with prolonged sitting. At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing…user compliance.  Any successful sit-stand desk needs to increase the compliance of its users, and the fact is people don’t have time. They are busy with deadlines, emails, projects, etc…so, yes, the most basic sit-stand desk might be well priced and easily integrated into the office setting.  However, if this becomes the treadmill that slowly becomes the clothes hanger shortly after the new year “healthy” resolutions and remains hidden in the corner of a room in your home or the gym membership that no longer gets used in March…you’re no better off!

Living a healthy lifestyle needs to be consistent,

the same applies for sit-stand desking solutions…if you only move once you are feeling stiff, tired or low energy…the damage to the joints, vessels, muscles has already been done.  In other words, if you are not moving on a regular basis or consistently “changing positions”  your joints degenerate, circulation, nerves and muscle contraction becomes hindered thus affecting your overall health over time.  Will you experience immediate symptoms of not moving for a day? Maybe not! However, you will most likely be the patient that walks in my office at 35-40 years old and tell me that you started experiencing neck and back pain as well as elbow pain and, ahhh yes, you also gained 20-30lbs over the past 10-15 years of office work.  Most patients don’t understand why they are experiencing pain especially when it creeps up all of sudden.  Patients often say they didn’t do anything to cause pain…that’s precisely the problem!

It’s crucial to remember that we normally don’t become unhealthy overnight – it’s over time with bad habits…so if that is the case, the opposite is also true.  Becoming healthy requires consistency which is made up of regular bouts of exercise and healthy eating habits.  There is not quick or miraculous solution to a healthy life other than consistently implementing regular movements on an hourly and daily basis. 

Consistent bouts of low intensity movements has an incredible positive impact on your overall health over time (hours, weeks months and years)…and as we now know could potentially prolong your life significantly.

Therefore, any sit-stand desking solution that will not get people/users moving regularly and consistently on a daily basis, in my opinion, will have little or no value towards improving the health of its users and little ROI for employers.

Desking solutions that relies on the user to move, will most likely not be successful, regardless of the cost and ease of implementation in the workplace.

The key questions that users or employers should ask themselves while purchasing desking solutions are:

    1. Will this desking solution truly make me move more?
    2. Will this desking solution make moving easier and consistent?
    3. Will this desking solution continue to make me move throughout the day regardless of my busy schedule?

Smartpods is the best solution on the market today that can answer YES to all three of these questions, and so much more. Contact us today to find out more.

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