Staying Active over the holidays

It can be difficult to stay active during the Holiday season. Family may come to town, friends visit, and your days might suddenly be packed with gatherings and reconnecting. This can greatly disrupt your daily routine, which can put your progress back. Remember, it takes 21 days minimum to create a routine, which isn’t always easy to begin, so try to do the best you can.

Are you at a family gathering watching a movie? Try to stand instead of slump down on a couch. You could even do some gentle stretches while sitting on the floor. If you have been invited to a party, and are able to walk – why not? That time in the fresh air will do you good, and get your blood flowing. You can always cab home!

Family traditions are important. So why not make new ones? Encourage outdoor activities such as ice skating, skiing, cross country skiing, or even just a nice nature trail stroll. Even getting outside to make a snowman can get your muscles and blood moving. Wherever you live, and whatever the climate, get outside.

Do you have children? Nieces? Nephews? Why not put on a beginners yoga video and encourage everyone to try (with supervision, of course). You may all have great fun in warrior pose and your body will thank you.

You may not be able to maintain your regular routine during the Holiday season, but there are many little things you can do to stay active. As much as we all like to curl up on the couch (and it is important to still do that!) incorporating other physical activities can help maintain balance, encourage mental wellness, and possibly create new traditions!

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