New Year, New You?

New Year, New You. We often hear that expression a lot as the New Year begins. Resolutions are being made and lifestyles are being assessed and adjusted. Are you one of the many who has pledged to get back on track? To put their health and wellness first?

The most common aspirations are to eat healthier, get more exercise, and save money. It is suggested that 80% of these resolutions fail by February. What exactly goes wrong in this process? We get overwhelmed!

Change is incredibly hard and takes a long time. We often underestimate how long and difficult even the smallest changes can be. We often don’t know where to begin and the long journey ahead may cause us to feel as if it is just too much. These factors often cause us to quit before we even properly begin. It is important to make achievable goals, and allow yourself to have some wiggle room in your process. Be patient, and also remember; smaller steps are often the key to large transformative change.

Don’t get discouraged!

I ate a salad everyday for 4 days and there is no change! I’ve been going to the gym four times a week and I don’t see any visible change! It just isn’t working. We have probably all been in this boat. We like quick fixes and often become impatient in the process.

Remember, everything takes time, especially change. If you feel yourself getting discouraged, realign with your goals and the reasons you’ve decided to make your resolution.

Change is really difficult!

You’re likely set in your ways and comfortable in your routine. Growth is never a linear process. There are many hills and twists and turns. However, if you have decided on a particular resolution, chances are there is a reason for your desire to change. Remind yourself of your reasoning and, if you find yourself making excuses to stay away from your growth process, reassess whether the goals you have set are what truly matter to you.

There is never an incorrect time to begin a resolution, if you are one of the many that may not make it past February, begin again in March!

Don’t give up, and remember the well known axiom, “Fall down seven times, get up eight”.

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