Integrating Technology into the workplace!

No matter what their size companies are constantly looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and performance. Integrating new technology into the workplace can feel daunting, but more often than not it can help companies adapt and modernize to encourage all of the above. Through technology we are able to monitor behaviours, collect data, and streamline processes like never before. And, the good news? It is not just for start-ups. All workplace settings can benefit from new technology.

Here are three questions to ask before implementing new technology:

Will it improve the lives of the users?

Will it make the lives of the users easier?

Will it influence their productivity?

If you think about the success of well-known technologies, like ride shares, for example,  they are successful because they respond to the three questions above. Yes, yes, and yes.

Smartpods is revolutionizing health & facility management in the office. It’s what we do. We offer innovative automated workstation technology to support movement, productivity, and overall wellness. Our technology is easy to use, simple, intuitive, and ticks all of the new technology success questions.

We have found that we have found employers using Smartpods technology have increased employee productivity and have been able to fend off the mid-afternoon drop in energy sometimes called the 3pm wall. As well as the employee benefits, employers using our workstations can expect less absenteeism due to illness, fewer INS/WCB claims, decreased use of health benefits, and decreased ergonomic assessments.

Implementing new technology into the workplace can benefit a company’s bottom line while increasing employee happiness and retention.¬†Although it may be daunting, technology will be used by team members if it helps to improve their lives and increase their productivity levels.

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