Five Ways Modern Innovation Has
Changed the Workplace

Email, IM, telecommute, virtual assistants: the workplace today is practically unrecognizable from the workplace 40 or even 20 years ago.

1. Email and Instant Messaging have become significant time savers as questions get answered and problems get solved with speed and efficiency. Gone are the days of distracting conversations and rabbit trails while sitting in meetings. Less time spent getting everyone on the same page means more time can be spent on actual tasks.

2. Telecommuting technology has brought about a drastic shift in the workplace. Employees are no longer tied to the same country, let alone the same building. An Internet connection is all that is needed for many to work from home or their nearest coffee shop. This has allowed companies to develop a global presence with minimal costs.

3. Videoconferencing has allowed companies to have multi-city locations as well as a broadening of collaborative opportunities. Various components of a project can be worked on in different locations and then shared through the wonders of technology. Resources such as screen sharing, Google Docs and Dropbox make this type of collaboration seamless.

4. Never before has it been easier to take part in professional development opportunities than in this era of the Internet. An individual who desires to get ahead in their chosen field literally has that chance at their fingertips. Google provides quick answers, webinars deliver the most up-to-date training and LinkedIn encourages networking and collaboration.

Smartpods is only one of the cutting edge innovations using tech to make the office better.

5. Health and wellness programs are being embraced and innovations like Smartpods have revolutionized the physical workspace. Whether you work from home or commute to the office, a customizable workspace that prevents you from sitting all day will have a noticeable impact on your health and wellness. Research has shown that a healthy body is closely tied to one’s cognitive functioning.

The whirlwind growth of technology and the strides in modern innovation have created work environments that lend themselves to the possibility of higher productivity if utilized well.

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