Embrace Winter Activities!

Winter can be a difficult time for many. Between the snow (for some), cold crisp temperatures, and dark evenings, basic activity and exercise can be difficult and mental health can suffer.

Winter often brings cold weather, the blues and isolation.

When you head to work, likely the sun is just showing its face. Then you work all day, perhaps see a little daylight at lunch, and head home to the darkness. It’s hard to be motivated to hit the gym or even run basic errands when the warmth of your couch calls and Netflix is an easy button away.

Even though we realize not much can make people enjoy the colder temperatures, perhaps some information on the health perks of winter activities will give you the nudge you need!

Getting outside during winter months, can help reduce obesity levels. Exercise will get your blood flowing, which helps provide your organs with the healthy nutrients they need as well as energy! It is also important to note that our bodies work harder to regulate our temperatures when we exercise in cooler temperatures, which means you’ll likely burn more calories during your winter workout! Bonus!

As well as burning more calories, as your body works harder to stay warm, there is also a bonus effect of increased levels of endorphins.

Spending too much time indoors can encourage bouts of depression.  Whether it’s the usual winter blues or seasonal affective disorder, a quick workout releases the feel-good chemicals needed to combat the blues, and can help de-stress your brain and body.

Cool winter air has also been shown to help individuals sleep better. Since your body’s core temperature naturally decreases when sleeping, the cold air combined with exercise will help you be prepared for the deep sleep you need.

If possible, get out as much as you can in the sunshine! Sunshine is known to keep bones strong and improve your immune system. It can also boost your mood and help prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer.

Get outside this weekend! Sure it may be cold but your body and mind will thank you. Remember to dress properly and have fun!

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