Alcohol Consumption – Dry January

Are you one of the many who are choosing a New Years resolution to reduce their alcohol consumption this month with “Dry January”? Whether to just enjoy the thrill of a challenge or to “detox” from a gluttonous holiday season, it can have great health benefits.

Excessive drinking can lead to many negative health issues, high blood pressure being one of the many. It also can impair your sleep and increase your risk for breast cancer, heart disease, and liver problems.

Alcohol puts metabolic stress on the liver and suppresses your immune function which can make you more vulnerable to viruses. It is also linked to depression, anxiety, and violent behaviour. Actually, it is known to negatively affect nearly every part of the body, from the brain to the colon!

So much social interaction revolves around alcohol, which may not be something people are fully aware of until they cut it out of their diet or cut back. From simple drinks after to work to family dinners, alcohol can often be a normalized staple.

By taking a one month long hiatus from drinking you’ll be able to understand and reflect on how you feel mentally, physically, and socially. How does your body feel without alcohol? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better?

Alcohol is not a friend of the body. While your mind may find its effects fun, your body does not. If you are not up for an entire dry month, why not challenge yourself to cut back your alcohol consumption when possible? What about not drinking during the week?

We’d love to hear how you do!

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