Adding movement to your workday

Simple movements can greatly help combat the sedentary lifestyle.

If you have an office job it’s likely you spend a large portion of your day sitting down. Typically, we sit all day at work, only to come home and relax on the couch.

Unfortunately, many workers have extremely sedentary lifestyles, which has major health consequences. Even if we do manage to squeeze in a gym session after work, the reality is we spend on average 10 hours a day sitting down.

If you are unable to convince your employer of the benefits of an automated workstation (don’t stop trying!), here are some ways to incorporate micro-movements into your workday:

  • A lot of us have many meetings throughout the day. Invite your co-workers to participate in a standing meeting. You might be surprised how this can help initiate ideas and keep your energy up throughout the day.
  • Instead of sending an e-mail to a co-worker, why not walk over to their office when possible? This will give your back a chance to stretch from sitting down and also potentially help boost your workplace relationships.
  • Try to challenge yourself to take a brief outdoor break each morning and afternoon. Even 10 minutes a day outside can make a huge difference. Not only will it stretch your lower back but it will also help you to mentally de-stress.
  • Do you work in an office building? Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll be surprised how much it can add up throughout the week.
  • If you don’t have an assigned parking space, why not park a little further away from your building? Adding a few extra steps to your work day can make a huge difference over the year.
  • Do you often take phone calls? If you do, are you able to set up Bluetooth? Experiment with walking around your office when you’re on the phone. You might find you really enjoy being on your feet, and pacing can often help you think clearly.

Simple movements can greatly help combat the sedentary lifestyle. Your back, neck and joints will thank you for keeping them active throughout the day. Remember, humans are built to move and the healthiest among us are constantly moving at a low intensity!

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