5 Ways to Keep Moving in Winter

Stay active all year with these tips

Move walking meetings indoors. 

Meeting in a park, making a lap around the office, or even meeting while on a coffee run may be best reserved for sumer and fall, but that doesn’t mean that meetings have to happen in chairs. Meet in your local shopping centre, take a walk around the floor or atrium of your building, or find a track that’s open during daytime hours. Your body and your staff will thank you for it.

Dress for success!

Even during the worst winters there are <10 days per year where outside activity is impossible (just ask any dog owner.) You can make the experience enjoyable, no matter the time or day, and during nearly any kind of weather with the right clothing. Light layers, earmuffs, warm hat, long johns, and gloves will go a long way to keeping you comfortable while you  keep moving.

Get a pedometer & track your results.

There’s a reason that Fitbits were one of the most requested tech gifts for the second year running. Pedometers allow you to track your steps, so you can become aware of how much (or how little) you walk in the run of an office day. Once you have your results, you can begin to schedule movement regularly into your day. Make sure you take the stairs over the elevator, park farther away from the building, and get up to fill your water bottle regularly. Turn it into a competition, and you’ll be amazed with how many ideas you come up with to get moving. Gameification is key!

Have regular designated stretch times.

Saying, “I’m going to get up and move more” isn’t a plan or a goal. If you don’t work it into your actual daily routine, it won’t happen. Schedule stretching, walking, toe-touches, anything that you can do easily at your desk. (If it takes any extra equipment or extra steps, we can guarantee you won’t continue it over the long term.)

Make sure your office is movement-friendly… 

This might be obvious, but the easiest way to ensure you get enough movement is to have that movement built right into the tools you use on a regular basis. Like, for example, your desk

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