5 physical problems from sitting all day

Did you know? It is said that Americans are sitting nearly 13 hours per day. You read that right, 13 hours! They’re also sleeping for an average of 8 hours a night, totalling a sedentary lifestyle of around 21 hours per day.

We are living sedentary lifestyles like never before, and our health is paying the price. Individuals are suffering from lower back pain, wrist strain, eye strain, tight hips, neck and shoulder strain just to name a few.

The human body is is not made to sit for extended periods of time. Rather we should be moving consistently and slowly throughout the day. When you sit in your chair, and slouch, your spine is out of alignment which puts great pressure on your back muscles. Try sitting far back in your chair so you are forced to sit with your spine straight, if there is a gap try a lumbar pillow.  Abdominal exercises can strengthen your core, which also takes pressure off of your back.

When we sit, we typically hunch forward, our neck will protrude and our eyes strain to see our screens. This stress filters through your entire body.

You may experience wrist strain from spending hours typing on your computer. A key tip when using your keyboard is to hold your wrists naturally so they are floating in the air. Avoid resting your wrists on your deck and take occasional breaks.

It is likely you experience neck and shoulder pain. These aches and pains may come from placing your computer monitor too far away on your desk. This causes you to jut your neck and shoulders forward in an unnatural position. It is important to have the computer directly in front of you, and move frequently throughout the day.

Are you hips tight? When we sit for long periods of time, our hip flexors shorten, which makes them tight. This often contributes to lower back soreness. Stand up frequently throughout the day, to give your muscles a break.

Combatting the sedentary life can be difficult, and new habits need to be formed. Take a moment to reflect on how often you are sedentary. Are you one of the many who are spending 21 hours a day in a still position?

Why not take the time to look into the ergonomics of your workspace, are there small improvements you can make? Your body needs to move.

How will you begin your new wellness journey?

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